Objective & Features

In spite of decades of intensive research, cancer remains to be the leading cause of death worldwide. Deep understanding of the molecular mechanisms of cancer progression is key to develop efficient cancer treatments. The program emphasizes on one hand exploring the fundamental principles underlying cancer development leveraging the strong research advantage of AS-CMU collaboration in areas such as cancer biology, immunology, systems biology, stem cells, and nature herbal medicine. Furthermore, research of this graduate program has robust potential in therapeutic development of challenging cancer including but not limit to pancreatic cancer, glioblastoma, oral cancer, lung cancer, and triple negative breast cancer for which this AS-CMU co-sponsored program has vigorous expertise, as highlighted by the newly founded Center of Excellence in New Drug Development in CMU that includes top scientists of the field and with strong connection with AS. We welcome motivated students who are interested in pursuing a career in cutting edge cancer research to join our camp. The AS-CMU program is committed to provide exceptional environment for learning and training, preparing the students thriving in the new age of precision medicine to overcome the challenge of cancer. 

Educational Objectives 

  1. Exploring fundamental cancer biology.
  2. Preparing for next generation biomedical researchers in translational and clinical advance.
  3. Cultivate research talents with international perspective and abilities in developing international research cooperation.