Lab Rotatioin

  1. During the first year of school, students should participate in a 6-week Laboratory Rotation program three-time. Program director can make adjustments on the length based on the student’s performance.
  2. Schedule of Laboratory Rotation: Summer vacation before the start of the semester, and/or the first semester of the school year and/or winter vacation after first semester.
  3. “Agreement of Rights and Responsibilities” (appendix 1) and “Evaluation Survey Form” (appendix 2) need to be signed by both Ph.D student and laboratory director before students starts their laboratory rotations. At the end of each laboratory rotation, laboratory directors need to fill out a performance evaluation document and determine if a student’s practice report is required.
  4. Three laboratory rotations are required for all students which no credit will be issued. Students will be given a “Pass” or “Fail” result for each laboratory rotation. One “Pass” determination during laboratory rotations is requirement for graduation. If the thesis advisor was chosen from the laboratory director of the first 2 laboratory rotations, the student can choose not to attend a third laboratory rotation.
  5. Faculty listed in the program has the obligation to instruct students during their laboratory rotations. Under certain conditions, if the listed faculty could not provide the training program then he/she should summit the application to the graduation committee and program director will announce to the students. Each faculty can supervise at most one Laboratory Rotational student. Rotation laboratory selection processes: (a) every student can choose at most 3 laboratories, listed in order and pass the information to the graduate committee (b) the committee then will do the survey and arrangements will be made.